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Back in India, Ramesh, our milkman, arrives promptly at 7 AM every morning and brings his big churn of milk from which he scoops up half a gallon raw milk to deliver to my mother, who immediately puts it to boil. Ramesh has had this routine for over 30 years. He follows in his father’s footsteps and runs his own barn. Every day, he wakes up at 4 AM, milks his cows, probably mixes some water to make up for any shortages and proceeds to distribute it across town on his motorbike.

Even though most of his customers appreciate the…

How Blockchain is bringing the consumer and farming communities together

For years, our choice of coffee has been determined by the taste and boost we want from it. This was before we were hit by the enormous amount of information of what went into our coffee and how it is being produced, and suddenly our favorite coffee goes from being the most celebrated to the most unethical coffee chain (looking at you Starbucks!)¹.

There have been multiple tell-tale articles published about the coffee industry, revealing what really goes on behind the curtains.

In response, consumers, conscious of what they consume and endorse, are forcing brands to turn to technology to…

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I remember having an uneasy feeling once, and several times since then, when I got an advertisement of the very same wine I was speaking of to my friend in my living room. She said “Privacy with connected devices is a myth” as soon as I told her about the advertisement, pointing towards my innocent Google Home Mini. In another instance, in the middle of night, my neighbor, trying to control his smart speaker, latched onto mine and started playing Metallica. Needless to say, I had to pull the plug off my speaker.

I assume all of us, fascinated by…

Simran Kalra

Ex-Engineer and MBA Grad based out of New York. I write about Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation. Until Jan 2020, I thought I’d never write blogs.

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